Vita Spa VM6

The new VM8 Dual Temperature xStream by Vita Spa, is an 18’ swim spa that offers
the ultimate swim exercise and hydrotherapy experience.
Choose your variable swim training speed at 85ºF in the 13’
swim spa followed by a 100º recovery soak in the full size spa.

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Seating: 8 seats
Size (LxWxH): 218” x 90” x 53”
  554 x 229 x 135 cm
Weight Dry/Wet: 3,000 /19,574 lbs (approx.)
  1,361 / 8,879 kg. (approx.)
Gals/Liters: 1,615 / 6,113 (swim area)
  375 / 1,420 (spa)
Pump 1: 3HP/6.0bHp, 2Sp
Pump 2: 3HP/6.0bHp, 2Sp
Pump 3: 3HP/6.0bHp, 2Sp
Pump 4: 3HP/6.0bHp, 2Sp (spa)
Voltage/Amps: 240V/40A/60A
  (4-Wire) 240V/40A/50A (spa)
Jets: 31 Hydrotherapy jets
  2 xStreamForce Swim Jets
  4 Aurora Cascades
Features: Aurora Cascade Water Feature
  Northern Exposure® insulation system
  Freeze Protection
  Illuminated Drink Holders
  LED Illuminated Swimline
  Stainless Steel Jets
  Steel Substructure
  Wifi Connectivity
Options: Clean Zone™ Ultra
  Exercise Kit Resistance Bands
  Exercise Kit Resistance Bands with Oars
  Swim Tether
  Bluetooth Music System